The Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSSM) under  Ministry of Water Supply , with responsibility of planning, implementation, operation, repair and maintenance of water supply and sanitation systems through out the country, is the lead implementing agency of the WASH sector where as the Ministry is the lead executing agency.

The Department is also engaged in finalizing a “15 year Development Plan of Nepal WASH Sector” aligning it with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as declared by the United Nation’s General Assembly for coming next 15 year period.

Historical Background

History of piped water supply system development in Nepal dates back to 1895 A.D., when the first BirDhara system (1891-1893) was commissioned in Kathmandu by then rana Prime Minister BirSumsher. The system also led to establishment of Pani Goshwara Adda (The office for water supply) and it provided limited private and community standpipes in few selected parts of Kathmandu. The water supply services were then gradually extended to few other prominent places like Amalekhgunj, Birgunj, Palpa and Jajarkot Khalanga where either the rana rulers themselves or their family/relatives resided….